We Built a Better Health Network

The Lawrence Integrated Health Network (LIHPN) began with a vision: To be a strong and trusted health network for the Merrimack Valley—one that is clinically-led, professionally-managed and locally-focused.

We succeeded.

Today, LIHPN is a community of 200+ Lawrence General and independent providers across all levels of care. This includes physicians, PAs, Nurse Practitioners, Physical Therapists and more – all working together to deliver high quality and coordinated care to the patients of this region.

LIHPN operates in partnership with Lawrence General Hospital.

This means we can deliver high-quality healthcare, locally, where everything is coordinated. LIHPN and Lawrence General working seamlessly means patients no longer have to deal with the drive, hassle and potentially high co-pays associated with going to Boston for care. They can get all their health care needs met right here in the Merrimack Valley, from a network that strives to make care more integrated, more personalized, and more affordable.

Being part of LIHPN allows me to provide coordinated and high-quality care for my patients.

– Fabiola Ruivo, M.D. and member of LIHPN


LIHPN is all about making sure patients have good coordination of care with a focus on improving outcomes, and that providers are supported across the spectrum of care. This is what that looks like in day-to-day practice:

  • The network uses its collective, ‘team-based’ knowledge to drive better decision-making.
  • There is no communication gap between primary care providers and specialists. Everything is seamless, one-to-one and direct.
  • Patients receive effective continuity of care over time. Providers in the network get to know their patients on a deeper level and in turn can provide more effective care.
  • Nothing is disjointed. Patients in our network don’t have to visit multiple hospitals or systems to get the care they need.


If you are an eligible provider in the Merrimack Valley who believes that you should have a voice and be heard; that you should have the freedom to remain independent and be empowered to shape the direction of your career, LIHPN welcomes you.

  • Be supported at every turn
  • Focus on patient care, not administrative duties
  • Help sustain the community
  • Be supported by others
  • Remove the complexity of care delivery
  • Gain improved contracting with complete transparency
  • Lose the hassle of insurance negotiation


At LIHPN, we believe there is significant value to keeping care local. Our patients feel like we understand their culture and language. We forge stronger, more long-term relationships with the people we treat. Care is more personalized as we get to know patients over many years, not just in a single visit. Patients are more likely to comply with appointments and medication regimens. Most of all, we play a direct role in lifting up and strengthening the community.

Here for you, close to home.

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