For Patients

Great Care Begins At Home

Feel good knowing your physician is part of a healthcare provider network designed with you in mind. LIHPN is a network that understands the unique health and wellness needs of the Merrimack Valley as the physician providers live and work in this community, too.

LIHPN benefits patients in so many ways:

  • Gain access to top healthcare providers locally
  • See top specialists without the hassle of driving to Boston
  • Receive quality care right here in the Merrimack Valley

Why choose a physician who belongs to LIHPN?

  • As a patient, LIHPN providers are committed to making your wellbeing a top priority
  • LIHPN helps to ensure a vibrant, strong, high quality local healthcare network
  • The physicians in the network work together to coordinate your care
  • LIHPN is committed to keeping care local and close to home
  • LIHPN is focused on making care affordable and accessible
  • LIHPN strives to treat all patients, not just those with attractive insurance plans
  • Lawrence General Hospital is a LIHPN partner and founder
  • Because it is local, LIHPN delivers care that is familiar, comfortable, and efficient

The benefits of coordinated care

Coordinated care means you aren’t starting over when you move from a primary care provider to a specialist or from one specialist to another. Your information and medical records travel with you thanks to LIHPN’s integrated network. And if you need to go to the hospital, our partnership with Lawrence General Hospital makes that a seamless process, too.

Here for you, close to home.

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